Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How cloud Hosting be beneficial for you?

Like so many technical terms "Cloud Hosting," is nowadays widely buzzing around. Basically it means hosting in multiple servers which are connected together in same or different network. In cloud Hosting your content is hosted in more than one Server.

You can get maximum uptime other than any Traditional Hosting services because if one cloud node is crashed or have any maintenance issue then it directly transfers all the hosted services into another node within few seconds so, your server never get down.

You can pay as you use, it means that you have to pay only for which you have used. Generally in other Hosting Service you get fixed amount of bandwidth so if you exceed that bandwidth then your Hosting Service will be stopped & be continued after you pay for additional bandwidth. As a feature of the cloud hosting service you can avail the most suitable plans among so many of them also cloud service is ideal for unpredictable traffic because of the same reason.

The small business owners always looks for cheap options for Hosting. Generally one time application license purchasing cost is out of their reach because it needs huge budget for this but in cloud Hosting SaaS(Software as a Service) model provides facility of a monthly or yearly flat fee per use hence it is cost saving.

In PaaS(Platform as a Service) model of cloud user can develop and deploy application which can run in any platform because of virtualization in operating System.

In IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service) model of cloud, you can host PHP and ASP together because of virtualization that allows multiple platforms in single server.

Benefits Of Cloud Server Hosting: Is flexible - you can upgrade services & space of cloud hosting at any time. You can get 100% uptime
Cloud Hosting gives you facility of "pay per use" so, it can be cost saving as you don't have to pay for unused bandwidth or resources, you just have to paid for what you have used. Cloud service is independent so you have permission to use your server as you want to use as complete server configuration is done by you through Web Based interface or by API. Cloud hosting offers Data Backups facility in which data backup is taken regularly and stored in another safe place so your data is more secure in Cloud Hosting. You can enjoy benefits of Dedicated Hosting Service but you do not need to pay heavy cost for this. Accessibility of data is flexible according to architecture of it. In Private Cloud architecture accessibility and sharing of data is only for the authorized persons hence security is high.